Thursday, 23 June 2011

Are We Ready Yet?

To all who dream of a greater Aotearoa – New Zealand, I dedicate this dedicatory speech to you on this day, Thursday the 23rd of June 2011.

What is it that prevents this country’s future from societal progress and prosperity? 

This country is plagued by a generous decay of ethnic tolerance and acceptance.  There exists an entrenched subculture of social-unwritten apartheid.  The racially motivated undertones that exist among our society look to punish a people hopeful of any real societal solidarity. 

That people is us. 

Colonial influences and resistance against those influences has lead to the division of what Brash meticulously needs to understand as ‘the real reason why race relations in this country are going nowhere’.  The continued practice of colonial assimilation and media bias can be seen right across the governmental establishment, as these are all acting agents of the crown (e.g, health system, education system, judicial system, etc).  Their job is not to help Māori pursue tinorangatiratanga, nor is it to help Pākeha pursue tinorangatiratanga and therefore societal progress and prosperity for all New Zealanders.  It serves only to propel the wealthy who have a steak in the oppressing of all peoples across the ethnic, economic and social spectrum. 

I believe that it is increasingly important to understand that racism is the sub product of misunderstanding, fear and competition, but more important is its close correlation with that of economic development.  That racial oppression indeed has an economic value.  A genesis of logic, where subjugation of tinorangatiranga protects and furthers most economic causes.  Because ethnic liberation is uneconomic in the sense where the morale of progress is abundant and the entrance of new competitors becomes more likely.  There is an interest in racial subjugation as it is simply another smoke-screen for other types of mass oppression (namely, in the example given above; economic oppression).

The fact that these oppressive attitudes still large exists still (conceivably in the private sense) among everyday New Zealanders suggests that perhaps this country just isn’t ready to move forward yet?  But I would disagree.  I believe that many New Zealanders are ready and have been ready for a long time now, and that it is only a minority of the colonial ‘redneck’ societal facet that belittles our nation who find themselves constantly halting progress.

In this speech I have chosen to make an example of one attack that was made upon me in an effort to truly exemplify this ‘…entrenched subculture of social-unwritten apartheid.’  That all though the individual being made an example of is exactly that, an individual, I ask that the reader seriously measure the degree of her racial assaults.

Here is what a miss Melina Shroder had to say;

“Just look at all you stupid maoris. Respect is earned and maoris have earned nothing but contempt by all the rest. Europeans, Asians and Indians alike look down upon you dirty maoris. And yet they constantly come crawling back to us holding their hands out begging for more welfare money. Between their ugly faces, dancing around in grass skirts, poking their tongues out, committing crime, eating KFC, gangs, alcohol and drug abuse, bashing and killing their kids; maoris have absolutely nothing to be proud of. My race however is the creme of the crop. Just look at the way were constantly leading the world in industrialization and innovation. If my race didn't arrive here you'll still be jumping around in grass skirts eating each other like the dirty ugly savages you are. “

This comment clearly spell three things;

1.  The importance of a vote for the Mana Party in their quest to liberate both Pākeha AND Māori from the grasp of colonial oppression and moral injustice
2.  Somewhat, a conceptual variant, a parameter measuring the depths of societal racial discrimination in this country 
3.  The importance of an adequate education

This naïve individual in my view represents the type of character that continuously and purposefully moves to unfasten the fabric of race-relations who so many work so hard on so that we may live in a more productive co-existence in tune with each other.  Enforcing the notion that Brash’s idea of ‘oneness’ if condoned by the redneck community at all, is ‘his’ idea of ‘oneness’ and not ‘ours’.  And that the idea of progress is simply that of your own, shaming the good will of this country.

And so I ask, are we ready yet? 

This country is great because of our differences NOT our similarities!
This country is great because of our distinctive identities NOT our identity forfeitures!
This country is great because of our great belief in cooperation NOT amalgamation!
Because amalgamation does nothing but erase the rich and vibrant pasts that a great people have evolved from.  And the idea of abandoning the fundamental make up of a nation should not be encouraged or embraced.  Instead we should value an adequate amount of tinorangatiratanga afforded to different ethnic tiers. 
Because it is our differences and our ability to work together that makes this country great.
We CAN achieve ‘Oneness’ united under the Te Tiriti O Waitangi and not the mythical fairy-tale Brash preaches either!




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