Monday, 20 June 2011

Ensuring Our Victory - A Dedicatory Speech to All Mana Rangatahi

As I sit at the base of the poutūārongo of my ancestral meeting house, I feel the roar of a Northerly wind enter the whatitoka of my whare as it passes through me…

I know that a great day is upon us!

Kia whakarongo au ki ngā pātū, ki ngā poupou me ngā whakawhakairo, ki te tangi o ngā pakitara whakairi kōrero e haruru mai nei i te pupuhi o te hau o te Raki, he rā nunui e whai ake nei!

To all Mana Rangatahi I dedicate this dedicatory speech to you on this day, Monday the 20th of June 2011.

The time has come for us to seriously reflect on our own individual commitments to the development of this movement

The time has come for us to seriously consider the type of future we want to build off this movement…

The time has come for us to seriously ask ourselves how much we want to win this by election and how much we are prepared to make sure we do…

The future of this country belongs to us!

Not only will we cast our own individual vote for Hone of the Mana movement when reach the ballots, but we will also encourage our friends and whānau to do the same, why?  Because it is our duty to ensure this movements continued existence!  We determine the future of this movement and it will not survive off nodding heads and happy smiles!  We will make the necessary sacrifices to protect what so many have worked so hard for from collapse.  We will succeed the legacy of our parents.  And so I say;

We will make our way out onto streets, spread the word via phone and internet  and we will take the movement to the people!

We are no less the than 5 days out from voting day…

And on the 6th day we will see the dream that our parents, our grandparents and our tipuna have dreamed for so long finally come become a reality!

On the 6th day we will see history in the making, as the tides of liberation finally wash upon us!

On the 6th day we will see the course of time bow at our feet, affording reverence to the struggle we have long but pertinently fought for!
On the 6th day we will see the final product of a people united under one movement!
Ka tika rā e hoa mā, a great a day is upon us!
But it is time now to ensure our victory, its time not to ensure the 6th say belongs to us.
Malcolm X said that; “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”
While movement leader Hone Harawira says; “Happy are those who dream dreams and a prepared to pay the price to make those dreams come true.”
Today we prepare ourselves and we are more than willing to pay the price to make our dreams come true!


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