Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Challenged By Opportunity

(A dedicatory speech to Māori Party supporters and the Mana Movement)
To all Māori Party and Mana Movement supporters (and the relationship we share), I dedicate this dedicatory speech to you on this day, Tuesday the 21th of June 2011.
A great wave of opportunity is upon us!  Amongst the tides of uncertainty we have at last reached the clearing of what might possibly ensure a momentous victory.  A victory; 
Not for one person,
Not for one party or movement,
But for a victory in which a people will benefit!!
The relationship between Maori Party and Mana Movement supporters is being tested beyond the limits of comprehension.  The opportunity with which I speak is not one of an idling Māori Party vote, no.  The opportunity with which I speak is one of reunification, the mending of a contentious and problematic split that has shaken the foundations upon which we thrive.  We are being challenged because the opportunity to come together again, united under one kaupapa currently seems to be looking us straight in the eye.
We have been confronted by the prospect of reconciliation between a recently divided people.  We have now come to the crunch of what appears to be a ‘sink or swim’ political phenomenon, where our people are now limited to two crucial, history-defining decisions that will determine the lengthy path ahead upon which our children will have to walk.
SINK:  Split the Māori vote between Māori & Mana.  Keep you vote for the Māori Party candidate and place further strain on the vice of division forcing the futures of both parties to Labour party and eventually National party absorption. 
SWIM:  Consolidate the Māori vote from Māori Party to Mana Movement, serving not your own future and individual interests, but the future and interests of your people and your tamariki mokopuna as a whole.  Rethread the growing gap that polarises a truly a great people.
Te Taitokerau/General Election Voting Logic:
Mana vs. Māori = Labour Party Absorption Of The Two
Labour party = National Party Absorption
National Party = Continued Social, Economical & Ethnological Oppression For A Further Three Years…
The time now has come to rethread the fabric that once interwove a great people.  The great fog of segregation between Mana Movement & Maori party supporters MUST clear in order for our people to effectively co-exist and permeate the days of our tamariki with the fruits of our campaign!  More than ever, it is time now to comfortably embrace our brothers and sisters we once stood alongside in total solidarity.  It is time now to rekindle the past fires that lit our hearts afire with the flame of deliverance and more importantly a vision of and for tomorrow!
Yesterday I wrote to Mana Rangatahi asking the future of our movement to make great sacrifices in order to ensure and further the success and survival of our movement.  Today I ask the whole of Te Iwi Māori to consider such a sacrifice. 
I ask now that you vote Mana and contribute to the building of better future!
I ask now that you vote Mana and renew the vows that represented a people in union with their leaders!
I ask now that you vote Mana and re-bind the threads of camaraderie that once symbolised what it meant and still means to be Māori.
I ask now that you vote Mana and re-sew the fabric of socio-cultural and political harmony that has devastatingly become undone.
Mana Movement;  I ask now that you call upon our Māori party brothers and sisters and invite them to effectively co-exist based on the principle where there was once a time where our peoples lived side by side and that it is possible still.
Māori Party;  I ask that you reposition your vote toward the Mana Movement and enjoy the security of a sufficient working ground-roots movement who returns to frequently meet with the people, vesting power in the people and not single wayward groups or individuals.

We are being challenged by opportunity.
The opportunity to recreate a world where our political survival continues to exist sustainably.  That opportunity awaits us in the voting booths.  It is expended by the simple stroke of a pen and with that stroke, a future will be determined by a people who truly want it.  A mouldable future, an achievable future, a future totally dependent on the box we tick come this Saturday 25th of June 2011.
‘E rere e te huata hopukia, e rere e te manuka tomokia’
‘When the opportunity passes you by, take it!’

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